Slip and Fall Personal Injury Accidents during the Winter

In Which Slip & Fall Cases You May Need to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Senior man with injured leg on snow after slippingSlip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, but their concentration is higher at ice-covered open spaces during the winter. Even though California is not a state where temperatures drop significantly below zero, there are still cases when you may become a victim of a slip and fall injury during the winter months. Of course, not all injuries of this type can result from a distraction and cannot be classified as negligence cases. Therefore, you may not be able to file a compensation claim against a third party at all times. Today, our personal injury attorney will tell you a bit more about the case when you can be reimbursed for such injury and the ones which you will have to take the responsibility for.

Just one second of imbalance can cause you severe injuries and possibly even lead to death. You can add insult to injury with icy roads and sidewalks which seem more like obstacle courses than pedestrian paths. Of course, not all slip and fall accident are related to the bad weather. Others may be related to:

  • Poor or no information about slippery floors in supermarkets, malls, and other public places.
  • Toys and other obstacles which kids have thrown around you.
  • Gyms that are overcrowded and filled with training equipment you can slip or trip on.
  • Poor sidewalk conditions, missing tiles, etc.

Slip and fall accidents may result with an ER visit related to :

  • Broken bones and bone fractures
  • Head injuries
  • Death

An average slip and fall accident can be expected to cost $28,000 including hospital and medical fees, as well as the time that you will have to be off from work. If you can prove that someone else was at fault for the slip and fall accident which you became a victim of, then you may be eligible to receive a financial compensation for your injuries. In order to get a quick case evaluation and find out whether it is worth filing a lawsuit, you can consult a local personal injury attorney like Moret Law Firm Riverside. In order to do so, call our office in Riverside CA at (951) 534-5526. We will be glad to help with an expert opinion!

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